We provide a professional team to assist you and your horse in daily care and training.

Relaxation Training

This training is recommended for professionals and horse owners who do not have time to carry out light impact exercises, such as walking by hand.

Just choose the days you want your horse to be exercised and we will provide it.
Consult us about costs.

Fitness Training

This training is suitable for professionals and horse owners who want to keep their horses physically and aerobically fit.

Just set up the training schedule with the amount of days and types of exercises to be practiced.

Consult us about costs.

Technical training

In this training, your horses will be schooled with the practice of exercises, gymnastics and complementary techniques for a better performance in competitions.
Consult us about costs.

Individual lessons

We have professionals to teach classes from beginners to the most advanced riders. Our courses are structured to meet the needs of top professionals.

Ask us about availability! 

Group Classes

We set up groups of classes according to your level of training.
¡Ask us about availability!

Vibratory Plate

The vibration plate loosens the muscles of your horse and promotes balance.

  • Strengthen the musculature.
  • Gentle training for your horse.
  • Protects against injuries.
  • Contributes to active muscle relaxation.

Consult us about costs. 

Aquatrainer Walker

Movement in water has long been regarded as an unmatched muscle and the horse condition training.
By lifting the gravity, the muscles and the joint apparatus are relieved and gently trained.
In addition, we attach great importance to maximum safety and easy operation of the aqua trainers.
Consult us about costs.

Oval Electric Walker

Oval electric walker ensures that your horses are exercised regularly and in a healthy manner.

Consult us about costs. 

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